It's funny how despair and hope inhabit the same space, both simply the pushbuttons of Fate.
One week from today a hearing before the SC Pardon & Parole Board will rule on a petition to pardon Daniel Duncan for a crime he did not commit, but for which he was executed.
The efforts of two years, to change a century old wrong now come down to a few days.
This morning I received an email from state Senator Clementa Pinckney that he will not only be there to speak in support, but that he will also introduce a resolution to the state Senate in behalf of Daniel Duncan. He will also rally the Senate delegation and the Governor as well.
With the support of Mayor Joe Riley of Charleston and attorneys Capers Barr and Kay Hightower (great grand daughter of the Reverend who attended Nealy) there now appears to be a hint of a chance that a young man horribly hanged a hundred years ago may be cleared. For those who believe in the continuity of souls, somewhere he will know and somehow we will have made a difference.
There are many things wrong in the world of this morning. This wrong was a hundred years ago. Yet I believe, anything we can touch in the continuity of time, and correct, is for the Ages.
Help. If you can. At the very least, please go to : and sign on the petition site to pardon Nealy, then ask 5 other people to sign. Yes, it's a Ponzi scheme, but the profit is Karmic.
I'll carry your name to Columbia.