Osama Bin Laden

In these recent days there has much been said of Osama Bin Laden. He has been placed in the same context as Hitler and Stalin, this century’s personification of evil, the formative point of a new war, the cause of so many innocent deaths.

Evil is often personified in one man. It is more often vanquished by the many, in this case a country united by the horror of terrorism on our soil. In the days that followed 9/11 we held the hands of strangers, gave our own blood and many rushed towards the danger of ground zero, to save or preserved those who had fallen.

In the years that followed we fought in foreign lands, learned to live with the uncertainty of terror that could strike again at any time.

And, we persevered. It’s an American thing.

When the President announced the end of Bin Laden, the streets filled and voices were raised. The faces were of every color and ethnicity. We were one nation, celebrating a symbolic victory, celebrating our liberty and in this case, justice was celebrated by all.